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“We’re not a church that stops at half the Gospel, we’re a full Gospel church!”




To build strong families by establishing them on the word of GOD, which is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. To train our children in the word of GOD and secular education, that they will live and strive in a secular society. To train GOD fearing Husbands and Wives in the responsibilities and duties of marriage.


To establish a church as a training ground and homeland for the people to be taught the Word of GOD. To have a place of Worship, Fellowship and Praise. To train and unite a mature Christian army against the forces of Satan. To train Christian believers in the gift of the Holy Spirit. To equip and send forth laborers in to the fields of the world. To minister healing and deliverance from evil spirits and captive hearts.


To have the Good News (Gospel) preached to the lost and unlearned. To evangelize the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by using every means possible as given by the Holy Spirit. To create a mission minded congregation with hungry hearts to win the lost for Christ; foreign missions have just as much emphasis on it as inner city missions. We understand that there are no states or border lines established by man that will keep out the Gospel of Christ.