Apostle Cristder D. Bush



I encourage you to purchase this book as a part of your christian library.


Enter the World of PraiseEnter the World of Praise is a book that every believer should read and have in his library. This small but powerful book propels every God-fearing believer into the world of praise. As this book was being written, the anointing of the Holy Spirit covered its pages. Read it. Enjoy it. Experience that anointing! If you will read the whole book and apply its simple but powerful teachings to your life, your life will never be the same. You will enter a dimension you never knew existed. You will dwell in the presence of God. You will blend in with angels who have been praising God since Before the creation of the world. You will speak the language that is commonly used throughout God’s creation – a language that is highly acceptable to God — PRAISE! Go ahead – dare to read, dare to utter words that are uttered in awe by angelic worshippers and saints, and are accepted by God in the third heaven. Explore the world of praise. Step into the world of spirit and truth.

This is the reason why you were created!